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Innovative, simple, safe: Foam is the future

Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography (HyFoSy) is an attractive alternative for tubal patency assessment and diagnosis is subfertile women or women with known or suspected infertility. 

About HyFoSy

Tubal disease is among the most common causes of infertility and is the primary diagnosis in approximately up to 25% of female infertility cases 1. An inaccurate fallopian tube evaluation can lead to unnecessary procedures — such as tubal reconstructive surgery or in vitro fertilization — when other methods of conception are possible.

Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography (HyFoSy) is a patient-friendly ultrasound-based procedure for tubal patency assessment and diagnosis in subfertile women or women with known or suspected infertility. The HyFoSy procedure uses ExEm® Foam, a high echogenic medium that enables accurate diagnostic procedure without iodine, X-ray or laparoscopy.

HyFoSy training

Did you know? Some trainings about HyFoSy and 3D ultrasound are locally available in some countries in Europe. 

Safety and simplicity. Every step of the way.

Prepare ExEm® Foam according to the instructions for use.

Making the uncomfortable, more comfortable.

The HyFoSy procedure using ExEm® Foam allows to inspect the fallopian tubes and its relation to other pelvic organs/structures. It also provides extra details for the assessment of the patient's subfertile situation. It is performed by a qualified sonographer and is technically an ultrasound examination that quickly helps to localize fallopian tubes and visualize tube abnormalities.


Efficacy & Effectiveness:

The HyFoSy procedure has shown a high detection rate of tubal obstruction and good reproducibility with concordances up to 100% with HSG, and up to 97% with laparoscopy⁶.

Less invasive & more patient-friendly:

The HyFoSy procedure enables an accurate diagnostic procedure without iodine, X-ray or laparoscopic surgery. It is also significantly less painful than HSG": VAS pain score 50+% less compared to HSG³.

Convenient & less anxiety:

The HyFoSy procedure is an ultrasound-based procedure that can be performed in a calm environment that may reduce patient anxiety⁷: the gynecologist's office.


Over 1 million fallopian tubes assessed worldwide.


The HyFoSy procedure provides similar pregnancy outcomes compared to HSG⁴.

The ExEm® Foam kit


With the ExEm® Foam Kit, a foam can be created for Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography. By diluting the ExEm® Gel with ExEm® Water, a foam is created which enables a fast and simple distension of the walls of the fallopian tubes.


The ExEm® Foam Kit FK05-LN970 contains also an ExEm® catheter with cervical cannula LN970. Specially developed for sonohysterosalpingography and HyFoSy. ExEm® catheter, also known as GIS catheter is a patient-friendly catheter by design with a flexible cervical tip.

News & events

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The HyFoSy procedure is reimbursed in the Netherlands since January 1st, 2023!

The HyFoSy procedure is reimbursed in the Netherlands as of January 1st 2023. (zorgactiviteitcode 039486). Sign up today for a free training on the HyFoSy procedure. For more information, please visit the below website.

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HyFoSy is the future of tubal patency assessment

Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography (HyFoSy) leads to similar pregnancy outcomes, compared with hysterosalpingography (HSG), as first-choice tubal patency test. Read full article for free.

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